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tv   WGN News at Nine  CW  June 6, 2012 9:00pm-10:00pm CDT

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fall and wheelchair stolen. wgn news @ 9 they need to understand we have the voice of 30,000 people >> chicago teachers fire a shot across the power of city hall first step possible work stoppage contract negotiations remain far apart. top story around the country tonight strike authorization vote begins. voting kicked off the date for the 30,000 chicago public school teachers looking for a better contract at the front of the lined union leader her case >> we need to make movement at the table to understand we have the voice of 30,000 people it
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has to be that and now >> pay raise teachers looking at 30 percent over two years school board offering to >> teachers want what is best for our children we hopes the city wants that definitely need to meet somewhere in the middle >> parents' group rallied behind teachers today red ribbons and solidarity cps and while attempt for support letter went out to teachers accusing the union of misleading them about the proposal said cps not changing class size. cps chief jean claude brizard making it clear strike authorization vote should be put on hold until district final offer comes out either way >> it should not change anything what we have to do negotiating in good faith union hoping to get 75 percent of teachers to authorize the strike they say enough for leverage in
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negotiations faith leaders set up as observers to validate any vote that comes and >> do not anticipate difficulty will raise concerns if there are any union and by the bus to be here clear they have nothing to hide. >> authorization vote does not guarantee there will be a strike teachers able to vote during the next few days last time it went on strike in 1987. taser to add eight months pregnant chicago woman weeks from delivery police took her down with a taser gun joked and made fun of her as she laid on the ground stunned and immobile multiple investigations under way tonight newsroom with the story. >> last night walgreen's parking lot south side woman claiming to young kids watched the entire thing fiance dislocated elbow trying to defend her tonight hospital
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resting at home for a short weeks will deliver a healthy baby boy. >> started healthy possibility now of something wrong >> 30 year-old struggle tiffany rent to leave chicago police station back pain so strong could hardly walk hours earlier walgreen's tiffany rent says it taser by chicago cop after parking in handicap spot ripping up ticket eight months pregnant. police reports indicate tiffany rent wearing at officers through the ticket in his face also says it tried to leave the scene in her vehicle >> got scared raised my window did not start my car and it was a crack >> police fired the gun striking her in the chest marks to prove that >> relies taser my chest started to hurt i could see the wire hanging from a eight months pregnant taser to me said that
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two or three * >> lost 2 babies before the first child for tiffany rent and her fiancee picture taken last month today he has his arm in a sling it claiming dislocation also chicago police tuesday night >> handicapped space pregnant woman taser to another man elbowed dislocated should not happen >> cannot always tell if somebody is pregnant use that overcoming assault or escape >> you can see that i am pregnant >> 0-100 immediately >> both charged with resisting arrest at the simple assault also a ticket for parking handicaps but lawyers beginning investigation hoping video
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surveillance will help. one medical expert spoke with tells wgn electrical shock just that electrical shock but the smaller enough to stun a person but not like a defibrillator as for the fetus considered it resilient even when it comes to sustaining a jolt like that. several occupy it chicago protesters during arrested demonstration tonight video posted online handful of protesters including this on a bicycle into custody michigan avenue at ohio street protesters marching in support occupy it quebec held demonstrations austerity measures and tuition hikes total of 12 protesters arrested tonight. first of its kind to help authorities target street gangs cook county state's attorney anita alvarez praised state lawmakers today passing bill crackdown on street gangs and racketeering very unique way. batt but new legislation
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awaits gov. signature to enable us to go beyond the prosecution to see crimes for what they really are. pattern of crime produced by danks institution itself >> also announced the creation the first-ever racketeering unit within the cook county state attorney's office. attorneys and the case drew peterson clashing here say evidence made public. >> good evening heated arguments today surrounding testimony man representing kathleen savio before sounds dead prosecutors praised him and defense called him a liar. harry smith was kathleen savio attorney left county courthouse earlier this evening without speaking to
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reporters kathleen savio told him she believed drew peterson would kill her at to make it look like an accident. harry smith said kathleen savio concerned drew peterson would benefit from her death at one point said kathleen savio wanted me to make sure her death not resolved without would go without repercussions attorney also said kathleen savio told him if she died go to authorities tell them drew peterson did it. >> surprised his nose was not growing while testifying >> scathing words from harry smith and >> led to testify jurors would make the call sure they will stand for self-serving gold digging transparent person he is. >> and drew peterson attorneys say harry smith testimony should not be admissible violating sacred attorney-client privilege harry smith disagreed more information withholding cannot break the attorney-client privilege harry smith testimony
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today applauded by attorney state attorney >> courageous did not have to come forward with information that he did but fell to ethical obligation to do so. i want to think and several times since arrested thousand nine drew peterson left the courthouse in shackles back to prison awaiting the start of the trial in court today during hearings confident testimony not affected for the prosecution >> actions inconsistent with what he has said so much so preposterous the only word to use >> judge meeting privately to determine what information withholding the judge will rule if the information can be made public during trial the jury selection july 23rd opening
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arguments july 31st. thank you coming up supporters say protect children from cancer new law in chicago than anybody ever from 18 years old tanning salon and remembering man credited with revolutionizing science fiction novels. innocent child shot while playing at home long road to recovery and another picture- perfect day in chicago temperatures will get hotter from here jim ramsey details coming up. wgn news @ 9
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arwgn news @ 9 state lawmaker from chicago accused of taking a bribe could be thrown out of the legislature illinois house investigating recommending sanctions against representative derrick smith prosecutor said west side democrat took $7,000 bribe derrick smith claims and a sense refusing to drop out of a better selection another committee handling disciplinary actions.
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illinois credit rating on the line underfunded pensions governor pat quinn and top and one white lawmakers pension reform meeting today still at odds stop handing out pension bonuses at state expense republicans reject house speaker plan mike madigan to make districts pickup the plan >> responsibility pensions up to provide people to pay the bill >> we have ideas accountability side we think work maybe not everything to take this approach by way or nothing at all not acceptable >> governor pat quinn plans to duke fact-finding on costs holding another meeting in a weak or too optimistic pension deal can be reached in a month the >> praising it mayor rahm emmanuel police superintendent and other leaders success of the nato summit
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>> weekend behind us analysis being made city hall the mayor and aldermen slapping each other on the back. difficult challenge to manage the safety of the city and the rights of the protesters >> the way the chicago city council began its day spending in the morning congratulating the mayor superintendent of police and fire commissioner and other departments nato weekend small with a fair >> the first ward to had protesters might i say the men and women handled it great. they handled it cannot have done better. have to congratulate the superintendent. because perfect example of leading from the top. superintendent congratulate to your staff first deputy and all
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of the members of the team. >> street demonstrations and about 100 people arrested no way is rampaging gains of anarchist smashing windows causing widespread damage instead protesters were confined to small area and contained. >> tremendous job police department fire and everybody here. you'd do when you took this on as we said at the beginning of your term to make an omelet you have to break the back you were on the line pointing at you mayor rahm emmanuel handling of the nato summit put chicago underworld stage first-class city that can handle big events >> kids and teenagers and banned from tanning salons in chicago
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aldermen passed bill today prohibiting anybody on the than 18 years old from going. supports legislation it mayor rahm emmanuel takes affect in a few weeks fines between 100-2 under $50 measure would not prevent minors from spray tans sex abuse trial of jerry sandusky one step closer under way coming up the latest on jury selection. from the air to the ocean and final voyage of the space shuttle enterprise and millions of linked in service could be at risk hackers got their handsngrede living with the
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wisconsin gov. back to work today fresh off a victory in the recall election of republican scott walker visited factory workers steal wind industries in oak creek today defeated a democratic mayor of milwaukee today became the target of recall once he signed legislation taking away collective bargaining rights from public employee unions necessary argument to close the state budget gap wisconsin results viewed as a bad for democrats president obama not talking on fundraising trip had lied fundraiser today a san francisco people wondering can build the economy for long term blasted opponents for finger- pointing offering no new ideas heading to hollywood tomorrow a- list gala expected to bring in $5 million before the election campaign. political move could affect other states voters in
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two california cities overwhelmingly approved pensions cuts for city workers san diego and san jose approved a ballot initiative today city budgets shrinking opponents said it will fight for proposed cuts in court jury complete sexual abuse trial penn state assistant football coach jerry sandusky makeup of the jury half of the jury has ties to the school faculty staff members current and former students jerry sandusky they did not guilty to charges of sexually abusing 10 boys over a 15 year time frame opening statements monday trial expected to last three weeks. you have seen the shuttle enterprise in the air today final jersey journey by sea today new home intrepid sea, air and space museum new york city unexpected challenge shuttle wind damaged on the way hit a
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railroad bridge quickly repaired repainted enterprise never flew in space used for test flights. author credited with raising the popularity of science fiction and fantasy novels has died ray bradbury away last night california after battling disease 91 years old candlelight memorial held hometown to waukegan night to honor him waukegan mayor and others read passages from some of his books ray bradbury wrote more than 27 farenheit 451 and martian chronicals career spanned more than 70 years. concern about round of vaccines that went out recently next may not be as effective as hoped and young life changed instantly one girl's recovery from a brutal shooting and later man drunk driving a stolen vehicle not the vehicle you would expect.
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medical watch new threat sexually transmitted disease gonorrhea problem worldwide in the past easily treated with antibiotics world health organization identified antibiotic resistant gonorrhea strand drug resistant disease and treated gonorrhea can cause infertility in both men and women blood test to determine whether breast cancer secretly spreading for those diagnosed early surgery rid the body of disease but 25 percent of cases cancer returns researchers now say tumor cells began circulating undetected and the blood cancer center site to say
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a blood test search for the cells and the doctors can use a more aggressive treatment like chemotherapy to reduce the chances tax returns and spreads. doctors children old back scenes expiring and vaccines with new ones doctors' offices making mistakes could put children at risk according to united states health and human services report doses that have been exposed to extreme temperatures may not provide proper detection against protection against disease 76 percent of all buses or clinics for vaccines at the wrong temperatures. 50 percent old and new together in a storage could mean to diminish protection against diseases like tetanus measles and meningitis back to you >> things keep getting better in the weather department jim ramsey next temperatures continuing to climb tomorrow at a later somebody stole millions
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bottle. [ air howling ] [ male announcer ] peppermint that cools as you chew. stimulate your senses. 5 gum. now in micro pack. i do not know what you will talk to us about sunshine all of the time? >> we should break 80 degrees tomorrow about waiting forecast models looking at the air down to the south and southwest finally getting out of the '70s
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not want to be high 80s tomorrow probably just 82 degrees really warm stuff on sunday we expect temperature to make it to 92 degrees struggle to pictures with clouds most of this week blue skies these clouds did not last very long over the city of chicago dry air mass approaching the city high temperature today it 76 degrees close to normal. normal 77 degrees look at these heat to the south and southwest of chicago finally this weather pattern about to break. one of the most beautiful weeks and memory continuing next couple of days cool air to the north nothing really interesting happening in alaska at the moment western portions of canada at temperatures wind
9:31 pm
speeds of 5-10 mi. per hour coupled with the air brewing over these water temperatures reducing the chilly wind along the lakeshore take a look at this upper 50s and low 60s water temperatures of chicago coast the cool air watch what happens with time warm air to the west moving over the city about this time next week cold air probably dropping into the 60s for high temperatures watching that next week not this week. notice storms to talk about. precipitation parts of minnesota and wisconsin notice what happens dissipating no concern
9:32 pm
cloudiness not expected to survive parts of texas skies across the area up mostly clear tonight. forecast thursday more sunshine high temperature
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between 77-83 degrees tomorrow night 50s-low 60s and friday moving into the 80s rainfall 80- 86 degrees. for friday and to the weekend temperatures get going back in 10 minutes for all of that. long road to recovery for innocent bystander young girl's struggle to heal after shooting in northwest indiana and the thousands of miles of track to pay tribute fallen soldiers. ep
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i couldn't help but notice you applied your brakes smoothly and evenly. you know, progressive rewards safe drivers. think of this as a reward forward. thank you! nice -- you stopped at the stop sign. you qualify for a safe driver discount. wow! keep safe and keep saving. more than two months since two innocent girls shop closer to finding the gunman one of the girls spent the entire time recovering in hospital erse story what happens after the shooting the ceiling it was pure panic >> angie quiroz hall in east chicago >> screaming everywhere. somebody on the street opened fire bullets whizzed through the
9:37 pm
front windows >> sounds like a machine 1 after the other >> blood everywhere, from angie quiroz daughter arianna and because an selena >> she just lays back face is turning white lips already white and purple >> when the bullets rained arianna neckband and selena plan wii to 11 and 12 year old girls singing and dancing to their favorite band house filled with family and friends cousins were the only one standing up in the living-room angie quiroz as a * stop for what seemed like eternity little girl walked up to her >> i saw blood all over her neck i lost it >> injured the worst anna nickname of arianna >> girls taken to children's
9:38 pm
hospital pediatric trauma center on the south side in the last year or to hospital has seen increase in gun violence against children >> innocent bystanders >> surgeon pediatrics dr. mak arianna 45 caliber semiautomatic handgun one bullet did a lot of damage upper chest and her sternum and troubled south through her intestines liver and kidney pancreas >> anna stream the lucky and the other path had any big blood vessels or her heart she would have died. instead all of the organs she injured were able to be fixed one operation to repair most of the organs >> concerned about the pancreas
9:39 pm
>> second time drains on either side of the pancreas feeding tube through her nose not secreting enzymes needed to digest food properly if the organ does not feel another surgery to remove a portion of >> body will heal but the psychological and emotional trauma of the shooting will stay with her much longer >> to occur spirit to not see this scared to go of happens to the family again >> also scared angie quiroz >> when i go home the sounds of screams and gunfire that may never go away. out of the
9:40 pm
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wgn news @ 9 cannot make this up man in michigan linked in for drunk driving as you can see from the police video he was not driving a car 55 year-old raymound kulma stockland motorized wheelchair getting into arguments with its owner >> houhe said something we cannot know what it is not his first offense linked in lengthy list linked operating under the influence 7 and total felony charges back to 1984 license suspended four times revoked twice not a valid license since 1993. professional social
9:44 pm
networking website linked in major breach of password database 6.5 million passwords posted online forum and russia linked in members with compromised accounts notified current password no longer valid hacker released 1 million passwords popular online dating website as well change passwords immediately google search company small camera equipped airplanes to photograph cities from the air create a three- dimensional view first san francisco google to create the illusion flying over the city personal helicopter three- dimensional maps part of google earth mobile devices and of this year to date marking 68th anniversary of d-day of a moment the united states were to june 6th 1944 attack by air
9:45 pm
and sea storming beaches of normandy german occupied france attack eventually turned the tide of the entire war state senators on capitol hill commemorated anniversary 1944 message from president franklin roosevelt >> mighty endeavor struggle to preserve public religion and civilization had to set free suffering humanity. >> people in france celebrating anniversary 12 ft tall bronze statue dedicated to us major dick winters unveiled where the invasion began jim ramsey days getting better? >> temperatures all week pleasant plenty of sunshine up their passing clouds very few of those as a matter of fact right now watching warm air advancing on to chicago from the west and southwest temperatures 66
9:46 pm
degrees notice kansas city is 78 degrees omaha at 79 degrees kris spectacular 80 degree temperatures by tomorrow no rainfall for chicago next to four hours showers and minnesota computer models show nothing in the way of rainfall except possibility no. mchenry county early in the morning friday seven day forecast look at this 81 degrees tomorrow at 83 degrees friday warming on saturday sunday 92 degrees partly cloudy skies weather pattern changes falling back into the '70s on tuesday and wednesday looks like nice hot
9:47 pm
and humid weekend. good news for residents seeking united states edition mayor rahm emmanuel announced chicago new american initiative first of its kind directly assisting 10,000 immigrants in chicago regular workshops sisson hopeful to the project for free mayor rahm emanuel says it wants to make chicago the most immigrant from the city in the world. cook county board president toni preckwinkle praises the assessor treasurer at other county leaders for ensuring residents and businesses will receive second installment property taxes on time. more time to prepare budget victory for all of us and also says big deal
9:48 pm
because it bills that go out late hurt schools park district's library districts first time in more than 30 years bills out on time. students and staff sauk matrice school on her memory of soldier killed in afghanistan last april staff sgt. david p. nowaczyk native son of harvey brother of one of the school's teachers family at the school planning tree and his name known as the guy go the extra mile staff sgt. david p. nowaczyk students and faculty walked more than 5,000 mi. around the school's track month of may and his memory staff sgt. david p. nowaczyk third tour of duty when he was killed by ied. wrigley building now official landmark city councilmen granted the status today the building located along dui adjoining towers north michigan avenue crucial time a new owners get ready to renovate. blue light
9:49 pm
will eliminate the building throughout the summer to submit landmark status new amendment to the laws governing outdoor food parks in chicago all fruits and vegetables from the board will stands at of the week on limited number of produce licenses available for stands operating private properties add another 34 designated locations and some public areas vendors must do at least half of business in neighborhoods underserved by grocery stores coming up after rolling through last five opponents white sox by big blue jays to be anything but gracious guests and night after putting pen spot on the walkie that's having trouble making contact tonight sports next. on my journey across america i found new ways to tell people about saving money. this is bobby. say hello bobby. hello bobby. do you know you could save hundreds
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arthe chicago white sox news tonight >> not good news toronto beat them up last night tonight again different way not much offense either side and the scam white sox could do nothing with toronto starter different brendan morrow on the south side tonight white sox without paul konerko for the second game in a row expected back tomorrow could
9:53 pm
have used them defense orlando hudson was huge down there tonight huge at the white sox hit some balls hard against brendan morrow but at somebody adam dunn thrown out from medium right field had in the sixth inning jose bautista got every stitch of that one 15 tom run of the year 4-0 now and the ninth inning if they did not rally to games and a row at chicago cubs facing zach grienke tonight 14-0 since he came to milwaukee what chance did chicago cubs have? tony campana leading off game with a whiff seven innings pitched two hits and 12 strikeouts zach grienke and ryan braun breaks up on the board all that they needed it tacking on a few more the same inning brooks
9:54 pm
conrad another hit one game road winning streak for chicago cubs to a close chicago bears finished ota's into minicamp next week at the veteran player lance briggs backing up more than the defensive line one guy relied on by coach more than anybody lovie smith and the defense looking out for teammates lance briggs in that respect even with michael bush taking snaps at running back lance briggs thinking about matt forte holdout continues if anybody knows about contract lance briggs and he has plenty of empathy but it comes to matt forte >> i know that he wants to be out here with the team you know what your value is. and this week when you work hard. you want that to be recognized long term deal you know how this business says roth and it can be brutal i would tell him to do
9:55 pm
what he believes. because nobody will take care of you like you >> nba western finals san antonio spurs back against the wall tonight came out swinging tony parker down the land 14 point lead for san antonio oklahoma city and in the second quarter stephen jackson one of his four three-pointers in the first half 63-48 looking good but not so fast here comes the home team kevin durant puts thunder back up by 2 great cam oklahoma city tonight. stanley cup finals could be over tonight los angeles big shooters what could be the clincher tied late here comes a new jersey softy given up by jonathan quick devils get a victory 3-1 still
9:56 pm
trail the series 3-1 federer and nadal and the semifinals french open stosur-arani sharapova- kivitova on the women's side i will have another 4-5 favorite belmont stakes on saturday and even though miami heat when anti-tank against boston still love them and south florida. good effort to good job could effort. >> not exactly silent. good effort good job. even though they lost on home court.
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